Aircraft Leasing (ACMI)

A regional airline with a global mentality.

R1 provides aircraft, crews, and maintenance support to air carriers around the world. We offer short and long term ACMI (Air, Crew, Maintenance, Insurance) leasing contracts for:

  • Seasonal capacity increase
  • Relief of existing aircraft while under maintenance
  • Fleet flexibility (during peak seasons)
  • Time bridging (waiting for new aircraft)
  • Operational bridging

This affordable, increasingly popular concept continues to evolve with new and exciting applications – in fact, some airlines now opt to have their entire fleet operated under ACMI / Wet Lease contracts.

Fleet Development

If you’re a large international carrier or small company flying short lags between a few destinations, let R1 develop the operational logistics to introduce new aircraft types to your fleet. Whether you need immediate capacity increase or to decrease cost per seat, the experienced R1 team will have you up and running – fast.

Crew Support

R1 can provide extra aircraft and crew during seasonal peaks or market booms. Our international crews have operational experience in more than 100 countries and can work seamlessly with your current fleet and personnel for two weeks, two years, or as long as you need them.

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