R1 Airlines and the dependability of the Dash 8: R1 Airlines is dashing through the snow (and gravel) in Bombardier’s Dash 8/Q-Series In-Service Activities Report (ISAR). The Dash 8 aircraft is a true representation of R1 Airline’s heart, soul and spirit. It truly defines the airline charter company’s purpose and reason for existence; getting their customers anywhere they need to be in the world with ease and comfort.

The Dash 8 was the chosen foundation that first propelled R1 Airlines into the skies in 2003, and it is the primary reason the company exists today. It is a versatile, reliable aircraft ideally suited for a variety of environments. It is this versatility that helps R1 attract clients, evoking a sense of efficiency and confidence. R1 Airlines currently operates three Dash 8/Q-Series aircraft, namely a Dash 8-100, a Dash 8-200, and a Dash 8-300. Read the full story

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