Meet Dave Williamson, the guy behind your safety

Your safety begins long before you board an R1 Airlines’ plane, and our Director of Maintenance, Dave Williamson, makes this promise to you by ensuring the airworthiness of all our aircraft in accordance with applicable regulations. He directs all aspects of fleet maintenance operations, especially as they relate to production efficiency and quality assurance. He understands that comprehensive safety and security equates to on-time performance, and means a seamless flight connecting you to your destination. Dave has over 27 years of experience working in aviation. He was an AME for several charter companies: Air Atlantic, Central Air Cargo, Interflite, Field Aviation and WestJet. He also worked for Avmax, Aerocontractors, Air Nuigini, Bombardier, Canadian North and North Canada Corp in various related roles. Prior to joining the team at R1 Airlines, he was Director of Maintenance for North Cariboo Air. When it comes to R1’s brand, Dave is focused on communicating our safety values and performance expectations with his employees, so that he is fostering a safety culture throughout that promises to deliver on the comfort and reliability that our passengers expect.

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