In a league of her own for R1 Airlines customer service

When it comes to serving R1 Airlines’ passengers, she’s focused on providing extraordinary service. She considers passengers an extension of her family, which is why she goes above and beyond…and this is how she approaches her role as a flight attendant on a day-to-day basis.

Amazing customer service is a priority for R1 Airlines and it’s what feeds our purpose of being “boundless” in everything that we do. Just recently, R1 starting giving out an “R1 Airlines Boundless Effort Award” that honours employees for outstanding customer service, on-the-job performance beyond expected standards, exceptional contributions to the effectiveness and efficiency of the airline’s operations and, special efforts in promoting a supportive, teamwork oriented and positive work environment.

The recent winner of the R1 “Boundless Effort Award” is Flight Attendant, Shafiza Cassamali. Just like any other workday, Shafiza was doing everything she could to ensure R1 client passengers were having a comfortable flight. However, on that day in particular, there were new client guests on the flight, whose son had passed away unexpectedly and, they were on their way to collect some of his belongings. Shafiza, recognizing that the family was hurting, spent two hours engaging with them in the most respectful, yet enjoyable conversation. The family was very appreciative of Shafiza’s kindness. They wrote a lengthy email to R1 Airlines’ executives, telling them what an amazing employee they have and that she “is an incredible and professional person”. They felt she was a “delightful gift” to them.

There are in flight service attendants and then ‎there is Shafiza. She is in a league of her own, which is why she has been awarded with the first “R1 Airlines Boundless Effort Award”. Congratulations Shafiza!

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