Meet Alain Siriphokham, Charter Coordinator for R1 Airlines.

Alain applies one constant thought to everything he does related to his job, and that is making sure that R1 Airlines’ clients are happy and loyal. As the Charter Coordinator for the airline, he oversees that the integrity of the flight is always maintained. He executes the daily operations of coordinating all aspects of flight scheduling in accordance with client needs and R1 Airlines policy, while focusing on safety, service, time sensitivity and commitment to excellence. He’ll apply his 10 years of coordination experience when working closely with you to determine your trip needs. He takes care of everything related to your airline charter service, from communicating your expectations with the flight crew, arranging ground handling services as well as ground transportation, catering and hotel accommodations. He identifies airport procedures and maintains situational awareness of the aircraft at all times. He also interprets all flight information and liaises with the Maintenance Department. Look for Alain’s friendly face upon your departure and or arrival!

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