Meet Darren Cassel, Maintenance Manager for R1 Airlines

In charge of aircraft operations and airworthiness, Darren strives for the effectiveness and efficiency required for the outmost in passenger safety that is associated with a world-class air charter brand like R1 Airlines.

Darren is an aircraft maintenance engineer with 14 years of aviation experience, specifically line maintenance and heavy maintenance. He played a lead role in endorsing a variety of aircraft including the Beechcraft, Bombardier, British Aerospace and Cessna aircraft.

He mastered his craft at North Cariboo Air, before joining R1 Airlines, as Fleet Specialist, where he managed a fleet of 27 aircraft for a 703, 704 and 705 operation. While fulfilling his duties, he was the primary aircraft manufacturer contact, managed the power plant, monitored trends and did the budgeting. He led large maintenance projects on third party vendor aircraft, managed and implemented service bulletins, tracked and managed modification status and implemented fleet wide alterations. He was also an instructor and developed maintenance training programs, and performed SMS investigations.

Darren always begins his day at R1 Airlines by thinking about preventative measures and on-time performance. He fosters a precautionary principle to risk among his team of engineers and technicians. Darren manages the service, repair, and overall maintenance of R1 Airlines’ aircraft, while ensuring compliance with all regulations and requirements. He is always stepping into the shoes of passengers, and understands that they truly benefit when the fleet is well maintained. His approach to safety and quality is what makes R1’s reputation stand solid as a ‘boundless’ charter service with a customer-focused culture.

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