Meet Brent Knight – He’ll be helping you with your air transportation needs.

We are pleased to introduce you to Brent Knight, our new Business Development Manager, who will be helping you with your air transportation needs, and living by the R1 Airlines’ motto of offering you a “boundless” traveling experience.

Brent’s sales and customer service expertise stem from his past with Hamilton + Partners where he was in charge of boutique benefits and planning, and OTEC DE Panama S.A, based in Panama City Republic of Panama, where he gained international business experience. With over 15 years of providing customized, one-on-one sales experiences to his clients and a high level of support, he also worked in sales and business development for Bailey Helicopters and North Cariboo Charter Airlines – where he served the needs of clients throughout Western Canada and in the oil and gas, mining and forestry industries, and helped them move crews and people to site locations.

At R1 Airlines, Brent will be offering strategic sales support to our leisure and corporate travel clients, who are looking for air charter services to attend their business meetings, sporting events, fishing and hunting trips, family vacations, luxury VIP and group incentive travel. He will assist clients who require workforce transportation to various sites and provide solutions for any peacekeeping, humanitarian and evacuation efforts. Whatever your needs, he will recommend solutions that will bring you wherever you need to go in convenience and comfort.

There are no limitations to what he can offer. If you are travelling for business or pleasure, or for ACMI operations, he will work with you in a timely and efficient, personalized manner, so that you receive air-traveling solutions that are customized to your exact needs.

You can contact Brent today at or call 1.413.540.6747

You can also reach out to him on LinkedIn.

Experience the benefits that R1 Airlines can give you that commercial can’t by requesting a quote.

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