Anne Tran, Records Supervisor for R1 Airlines

She keeps everyone and everything organized and in check. As the Records Supervisor for R1 Airlines, Anne has her finger on the pulse, she keeps track of everything related to maintenance and planning. She ensures that maintenance tracking is up to date, she tracks aircraft by entering them into the maintenance tracking system, compiles reliability reports, and her team player approach lends itself well to being the information broker between the maintenance and planning departments.

Anne’s role is integral to our overall passenger safety, as she maintains all aircraft records at the highest standard, making sure that all parts installed on R1 Airlines’ aircrafts are certified and deemed serviceable by Transport Canada and other regulatory bodies. She oversees that appropriate Airworthiness Directives (ADs) and service bulletins pertaining to the fleet are scheduled and observed.

Anne has a long history of investigating, monitoring, tracking and reporting on aviation technical matters. She started as maintenance Administrative Assistant with Trans Capital Air and then eventually became their Technical Records Administrator. She has experience working with the Dash 7, B1900D and Twin Otters. She also filled in the role of Quality Assurance Technician for Air Georgian in Toronto, and was recently the Avmax Chad Technical Records Administrator.

Her goal is to help R1 Airlines grow and expand by making sure our customers feel safe, so that they can focus on being productive. A master in the craft of problem resolution, she spends her time identifying and reporting on all concerns related to engines, propellers and other components to the Quality Assurance Manager. She also watches over major components and other technical records and keeps them current and orderly.

When Anne is not on the job putting passenger welfare before everything else, she’s exploring and hiking through the mountains.

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